Tzoffeys 1818 is an international auction house that specializes in diamonds and jewelry.

Tzoffey’s has extensive experience and knowledge in the diamond and jewelry market and boasts a large international customer base.

Tzoffey’s team consists of expert and experienced professionals with the help of which Tzoffeys provides valuation and identification services for items of great value and holds unique auctions that include rare items.


In addition, Tzoffey’s offers the sale of items in the physical store and the sale of items in private sales.

Tzoffey’s conduct the largest auction in Israel’s history. 2006.

 Avner Sofiov (on the right) showing Laurence Graff auction goods at Tzoffye’s auction Tel Aviv 2013

The Graff brothers with Avner Sofiov
and Mr. Moshe Nissan, former president of the
Israel Precious Stones & Diamond Exchange,
at the Tzoffey’s auction Tel Aviv  1994

Mr. Avner Sofiov, President of Tzoffeys, has over 50 years of experience in the field of diamonds and jewelry and served as:


  • Former President of the Israel Precious Stones and Diamond Exchange Ltd. (IPSDE)


  • A member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFD)


  • Director on the Board of Directors of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)


  • Chairman of the ICA Arbitration Committee


  • Chairman of the ICA Ethics Committee


  • Member of the Rough Diamond Steering Committee of THE ISRAELI DIAMOND EXCHANGE

Avner is fond of the phrase:


“It’s not about the price of the piece, it’s about the value & history of the piece”

He takes care to display in Tzoffey’s sales rare and unique items, attracting many serious collectors and buyers from all over the world.


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Tzoffey’s branch at the Israeli diamond exchange