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Why Sell at an Auction
Selling jewelry, diamonds, and other valuable items can be a confusing and uncertain process. Can...
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Meet Avner Sofiov, President of Tzoffey's 1818 The Announcement of the Joint Venture Between Tzoffey's...
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Gemstone characteristics
1) Amethyst Balance the energy centers, strengthen intuition. Calm. Relieve headache. Help getting rid of fears...
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Are Diamonds and Precious Stones an Investment? / Avner Sofiov
Diamond and precious stone manufacturer, Avner Sofiov, was invited to lecture at the first gemological...
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The Trends According to Auctions/ Avner Sofiov
Auctions provide deep insights about the market and information on current trends. A look at...
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Tzoffey’s conducts the largest auction in Israel’s history
World Diamond Congress 2006 The 32nd World Diamond Congress (WDC) was held from June 26...
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