1. Tzoffeys also acts as agent for sellers of items offered for sale to the public.
  2. The information in the sale catalog is solely for the purpose of information for potential buyers. Descriptions in the catalog are statements of opinion and are for identification purposes only and in no way can be construed as stand and/or obligation on behalf of Tzoffeys and\or its employees and\or representatives. Buyers have a responsibility to carry out their own inspection and investigations to satisfy themselves prior to the sale as to the condition and description of the item and to rely on their own judgment as to whether the item accords with its description. Tzoffeys and/or employees and/or representatives of Tzoffeys shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in any such description. Items are sold “AS IS” with no obligation from Tzoffeys and every bidder or buyer will be considered to having inspected the item and finding it satisfactory.
  3. Tzoffeys will display the items that are for sale and will provide the buyers with the necessary means to check and examine the items before their purchase. Personal meetings for the purpose of examining the items will be coordinated through a request to Tzoffeys’ offices and representatives. Tzoffeys keeps the right to require sufficient identification of the requester as per instructed by the “know your customer” (KYC) law.
  4. Participation in the public auction is personal with the use of a numbered sign, or in writing prior to the auction, or by telephone, or by internet. People interested in participating are invited to register on Tzoffeys’ website and fill in the required details. If a participant would like to bid remotely or by phone, he must contact Tzoffeys.
  5. Participation in the public auction will be performed on the internet, online, on Tzoffeys’ website, or by telephone upon special request no later than one day before the auction, or by a written bid that will be sent to Tzoffeys offices no later than one day before the auction. In the case of multiple equivalent bids on a certain item, the first bid sent will be the winning bid. For the avoidance of doubt, any action or omission regarding representation as mentioned above, will not impose liability of any kind on Tzoffeys and/or its representatives.
  6. Most of the items for sale will be subject to a minimum price which is a confidential price agreed upon between Tzoffeys and the seller. Tzoffeys, its representatives, or the auctioneer, will protect the minimum price during the auction.
  7. Tzoffey s does not have an obligation to sell all the items in the auction. At any given time, the auctioneer will be permitted with his own discretion, to add or exclude an item from the auction, to add or omit orally or in writing, details regarding an auctioned item and reduce the minimum price during the auction, and also to change the nature of the auction.
  8. When an item in the catalog is attributed to a specific artist/manufacturer, Tzoffeys will be responsible for attribution or originality only towards the winning buyer. If within 7 days from the selling date, the buyer reaches Tzoffeys, in writing, and clarifies that the item he purchased is not work of the artist/manufacturer specified in the catalog or is not original, and it was proved to Tzoffeys that there was indeed an error in the information provided about the item, and the claim was accepted by Tzoffeys, the buyer will immediately return the item to Tzoffeys ‘possession and Tzoffeys will refund the amount paid by the winning buyer within 45 days, provided that the item will be returned to Tzoffeys’ possession in the same condition in which it was delivered to the buyer. If Tzoffeys has performed as aforesaid, the buyer will not have any claims and / or additional demands against it.
  9. The auctioneer will have the exclusive right to decide who the final buyer of every item is or to cancel a sale of an item or to offer an item for resale.
  10. A buyer fee of 18% plus VAT will be added on to the winner price (hammer price). The winning buyer is obligating to pay the final payment including the buyer fee immediately, and in any case not later than 3 days following the auction. Every delay in the payment will result in payment for arrears of interest in the rate of 1.5% per month, in addition to snap differences, for the due payment date up to the actual payment date. If the payment for a certain item will not be paid in its entirety in the given time, Tzoffeys will be entitled, by its own exclusive discretion, to act against the buyer with the rights reserved to it, including inter alia the right to cancel the auction, to sue for breach of contract, to resell an item, and to charge the buyer with interest payments and/or Linkage to the cost of living index.
  11. The auction will be held in United States Dollars. Payment to Tzoffeys will be carried out in personal checks in cash, cash bank checks, or bank transfer. A buyer interested in paying by check will be able to obtain the items only after the check is redeemed. All taxes related to the sale, including VAT, if required, will apply to the buyer. Payment in NIS will be calculated according to the dollar rate in accordance with the prevailing rate of exchange as published by MIZRAHI TEFAHOT BANK on the date of the payment, but not less than the exchange rate on the day of the auction.
  12. A sold item will be taken from Tzoffeys by the buyer and at his expense, within 3 days after the auction. In the event of the buyer failing to take the item, it will remain in Tzoffeys’ possession, the buyer being exclusively responsible and Tzoffeys carrying no liability.
  13. Tzoffeys reserves the right to store the item, at the buyer’s expense and liability, for a period of time-based on Tzoffeys’ discretion. In the event of an items storage and insurance expenses exceeding its cost, Tzoffeys reserves the right, using their discretion, to sell it without notifying the buyer.
  14. The delivery of a purchased item will be carried out at the instruction and expense of the buyer, only when the payment for it has been completed in its entirety. Although Tzoffeys will make an adequate effort to manage the packaging and delivery of a sold item, it will not be liable for actions and omissions of third-party packers and carriers.
  15. These terms include all the terms between Tzoffeys and the seller and between the buyer bidding in the auction. The buyer and the seller are agreeing to be obligated by these terms.
  16. Any reference in this agreement to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, and any reference to a person shall include a body corporate and vice versa.
  17. The courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction, in accordance with Israeli law, to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with the auction. If any part of the conditions of business were to be found invalid, illegal or unenforceable by the court, it will be canceled, yet the rest of the conditions will remain valid in accordance with the law.
  18. The conditions in this document constitute the entire agreement between all parties involved and include all understandings, agreements, liabilities, and conditions between the parties.
  19. Any changes, corrections, or additions to this agreement or additions to this agreement shall be in writing, and if not, such changes will not be valid. In any case of disagreement, the Hebrew ‘Terms of Service’ document is the valid one.
  20. These conditions override and cancel any other or prior agreement between the parties.
  21. For further inquiries, telephone bidding, remote bidding, or bidding in writing contact Tzoffeys1818 limited, Diamond Tower, Jabotinsky 3 Ramat Gan. Telephone: 972-3-5751391 Fax: 972-3-5750749.