Gemstone characteristics


1) Amethyst

Balance the energy centers, strengthen intuition. Calm. Relieve headache. Help getting rid of fears and bad habits

2) Quartz

Great for general purification and empowerment. Intensify the effect of other minerals.
Help for concentration and lucidity

3) Rosequartz

Crystal of love. Help with the comprehension of self-acceptance and self-love, increase self-confidence

4) Green Quartz

Has a gentle and stabilizing positive effect on the area of the heart. Encourage emotional balance, especially when conducting with others

5)  Orange Aventurine

For energy and vitality

Provides the strength for doing

6) Labradorite

Connect to creativity and originality. Help to transform intuitive thinking into intellectual thinking. Release from perfectionism

7) Orange Agate

Strengthen and adjust body and brain. Encourage energy.
Help detach from logic.
Help to strengthen the belly area

8) Agate Botswana

Help detach from logic in order to enable development. Encourage creativity in all aspects

9) Agate Botswana

Help detach from logic in order to enable development. Encourage creativity in all aspects

10)  Cheeta Agate

Help detach from logic, connect to the uniqueness of yourself and to creativity

11) Garnet

Ease shoulder and back pains. Strengthen self-esteem, and gives energy to achieve things

12) Green Aventurine

Encourage emotional balance and harmony. Help understand the balance in relationship with others, between giving and acceptance

13) Tiger Eye

Improve self-esteem. Encourage a positive attitude to life. Help cure internal organs of the body

14) Blue Tiger Eye

Encourage a positive attitude to life. Help getting rid of undesirable feelings and balance mental and physical needs

15) Red Tiger Eye (Bulls-Eye)

Encourage self-esteem. Helps getting energy, vitality and ability to achieve things. Helps accept changes

16) Sodalite

Good for calming, harmony and courage. Balancing the thyroid gland. Ease allergies and suffering from cold

17) Carnelian

Provide courage and strength to proceed, happiness and hope, positive attitude to life. Strengthen the belly area

18) Yellow Jasper

Strengthen and balance physical layers, especially the belly area, in focus of the liver. Good for strengthening, balancing and purification

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