Meet Avner Sofiov, President of Tzoffey’s 1818

The Announcement of the Joint Venture Between Tzoffey’s and the Muzo Mines at the Tel Aviv ICA Congress, June 1993

With over 50 years of expertise in diamonds and jewelry, Avner has made a name for himself in the industry. He has served as the former President of the Israel Precious Stones and Diamond Exchange Ltd. (IPSDE) and is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFD).

Avner Presenting a Unique 100-Carat Pear Shape Emerald at Tzoffey’s Auction in the Israel Diamond Exchange, 2013
Avner Showcasing Extremely Rare Pieces at Tzoffey’s Auction in Paris, 1996

Avner’s leadership skills have also been recognized by his peers, as he serves as a Director on the Board of Directors of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and holds the positions of Chairman of both the ICA Arbitration Committee and the ICA Ethics Committee.

Laurence Graff Inspecting Auction Goods at Tzoffey’s Auction in Tel Aviv, 2013
The Graff Brothers with Avner and Mr. Moshe Nissan, Former President of the Israel Precious Stones & Diamond Exchange, at Tzoffey’s Auction in Tel Aviv, 1994

His commitment to the industry extends to his membership in the Rough Diamond Steering Committee of the Israeli Diamond Exchange. With a wealth of experience in the auction arena, Avner has a respected reputation for his worldwide auctions, including breaking a record in 2006 for conducting the biggest auction ever held in Israel, which was at an impressive sum of goods.

Gubelin Labs Team (featuring Dr. D. Schwartz and Mr. Christo P. Smith) Conducting a Special Gemological Investigation of Auction Goods at Tzoffey’s Office
Members of the Panel at the 1st International Emerald Congress in Bogota, November 1996. (From left to right: Alice Keller – GIA, Avner Sofiov – Tzoffey’s, Dr. Allian Cheilletz, Dr. Dietmar Schwartz – Gubelin Labs, Mr. Eli Itzhakoff – President of the WFDB, Dr. Antonio Jose Sanchez – President of Mineralco)

It’s clear that Avner has a true passion for rare and valuable items and his expertise has made him a sought-after industry leader.

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