Why Sell at an Auction


There is not doubt that selling jewelry, diamonds and valuable items can be a somewhat confusing and unclear topic. Especally when it comes to valuable items. How to sell, how much to sell and to whom to sell are legitimate questions we encounter when considering the sale of an expensive item.

Can an auction be a solution?

In fact, auctions can have a number of distinct advantages, among them:

Price – Unlike a private sale where the buyer negotiates in order to get a better price, at the auction the buyers offer the price they are interested in buying, as soon as there is an item with a high demand, the offers increase and that is how the prices can skyrock!

The item is sold exclusively to the buyer who has placed the highest bid, and won the buyer’s competition.

Minimum price – the seller will always be protected by the “minimum price” set between him and the auction house, which means that the item offered for sale will not be sold for less than the set minumum price and thus it will possible to ensure the item sells at a price which is not below his expectations.

Time – When selling the items privately, it is usually very difficult to know when the item will be sold, if at all, andhow long will it take for you to be able to exchange the item for money. On the other hand, on the auction you will know the exact date on which sale takes place, which is actually the day which the items will most likely be sold.

Effortless selling – Selling jewelry privately involves a lot of effort. Such as: advertising the items, handling inquieries, meeting with interested parties, etc.

When auctioning, the auction house saves you all the effort when selling your items and takes on all the work.

Confidental – Confidently the auction house keeps the seller completely anonymous, which gives an advantage to a large number of sellers who want to sell valuable items without being exposed.

Rare items – Tzoffey’s 1818 auctions features rare items and a wide variety of merchandise, which attracts buyets and collectors from all over the world, which increases the exposure to the auction ultimately icreasing the exposure to your items and their chances of being sold at a very profitable price.

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