Why Sell at an Auction


Selling jewelry, diamonds, and other valuable items can be a confusing and uncertain process.

Can an auction be a solution?

When it comes to selling jewelry, diamonds, and valuable items, it can be difficult to know the best way to proceed. Auctions offer several unique benefits, making the selling process easier and more profitable:

Higher prices

In an auction, buyers offer the price they’re willing to pay. If there’s high demand for an item, the offers increase, driving up the price. The item is sold to the highest bidder.

Minimum price protection

The auction house and the seller set a minimum price for the item. The item won’t be sold for less than this amount, ensuring it fetches a price that meets the seller’s expectations.

Predictable timeline

Auctions have a set date for the sale, making it easier for the seller to know when the item will sell. In private sales, it’s often unclear when or if the item will sell.

Effortless selling 

The auction house handles all the work of advertising the item, answering inquiries, and conducting meetings with potential buyers. This takes the burden off the seller.


Auction houses protect the identity of the seller, making it a private and confidential way to sell valuable items.

Exposure to a global audience

Auctions at Tzoffey’s 1818 feature rare items and a variety of merchandise, attracting buyers and collectors from around the world. This increases the chances of selling the item at a high price.

Selling at an auction provides an easy and profitable way to sell jewelry, diamonds, and valuable items. With the help of an auction house, you can get a fair price for your item and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free selling experience.

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